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One application, twelve months, countless improvements

This is a quick rundown and overview of what features were added or improved in the last twelve months during which ORM Designer 2 is available. Here are the adjustments we are proud of the most.

Product Tour

Ten graphical slides, built directly into the application. They have high information value and explain the basic functions and features of ORM Designer.

New wizards

Smart and easy to use, these wizards made many operations faster. They guide you through the process of existing project import , creating new project or attaching of ORM Designer module.

Free viewer

Perfect for everyone who wants to share their models with colleagues or customers. It allows viewing of whole model including entities present in it and relationships between them, but without ability to edit anything. Free tool available for everyone, even for those without full license

New documentation

Very detailed and comprehensive websites that provide information about everything related to ORM Designer. It is thematically segmented, fully searchable and linked, so you won’t have to scroll through any monstrous pdf.

Language mutations

We made ORM Designer translatable and the first volunteers applied to implement their native languages into it. Any help is welcome, so if you are willing to translate our application into your language, contact us.


Advanced feature able to save you a lot of time. ORM Designer can automatically create some elements for you. How these new elements will look depends on setting of model elements templates, which are fully customizable.

Additional goodies

We have been working on many other features and enhancements, to stay concise here is the short list of some of them.

03 Feb 2014

Posted by: Martin Kulhavy

Skipper features Behind the scenes #features