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Press Release: Pulpo

Pulpo, free visualization tool for ORM frameworks was released by Inventic on April 28th.

Pulpo is a quick and portable command-line tool with simple configuration. Pulpo can be used to import ORM schema definition files and automatically generates visual model of entities and their relations.

The resulting visual model enables quick overview of the application and its logic. This can be helpful in order to quickly share the schema structure with colleagues or demonstrate it to customers. It also helps the developer to easily see impact of the modifications of the schema or orient himself faster in the older projects.

Pulpo is intended for ORM developers using frameworks Doctrine, Doctrine2 or Propel. The definition files can be formatted as annotations, YAML or XML. Exported diagrams are in PNG format.

Because we wanted to support freelancers, small companies and open-source teams, that do not use our main product ORM Designer, we have published Pulpo to be free to use, even for commercial use. Although Pulpo uses proprietary parsers, its developers hope that whole open-source community will benefit from the fast and simple tool.

Feature overview:

  • quick to use command-line tool with simple configuration
  • automatic generation of visual model containing entities and relations
  • easy import of schema definition files
  • support for annotations, YAML, XML
  • exports to PNG

Supported Platforms:

  • support for Doctrine, Doctrine2, Propel, Symfony, Zend Framework
  • runs on MacOS, Windows, Linux

Pulpo is available for download here:

Email: [email protected]

24 Apr 2014

Posted by: Martin "Freki" Stradej

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