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Written about us

Thanks to the program of South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) and entering of Michael Rostock as our investor we have started to receive medial attention. If you are interested, and understand Czech, here are a few of them.


We know, most of you aren’t Czech readers, so here is little something in English.

Being noticed on the local scene is nice, but we would like the world to be our theater. This publicity means a lot for us. So thanks to all authors for writing. And thank you, for reading.

04 Oct 2013

Posted by: Martin Kulhavy

Behind the scenes #team #PR

ORM Designer raises funding from angel investor

As stated in the previous blog post, in spring 2013 we applied for Innovation Park program running by South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) in order to connect to specialist from different fields of business and also to raise ORM Designer funding.

ORM Designer investor Michael Rostock-Poplar

As well as we have been accepted to the program as one of the most promising project, we have also succeed in investor searching. After a short time in the program, in Czech Republic very well-known investor Michael Rostock-Poplar approached us with an offer that couldn’t be refused.

It was settled that the finances from the investment will be fully used for PR activities heading to better recognition of ORM Designer within ORM frameworks communities. This includes such activities as brand building, creation of detailed project documentation, better presentation of core features and application benefits and other.

But Michael Rostock-Poplar hasn’t brought only the money to ORM Designer. He will also help us with important business decisions and coach us in fields in which he is more experienced than us.

In future we will keep inform you what the investment will bring us.

27 Aug 2013

Posted by: Iva Kubickova

Behind the scenes #PR #brand

ORM Designer in Czech start-up accelerator

Here in Czech Republic start-up scene is strongly supported by government and community. That’s why there are a lot of programs that help start-ups to grow and develop.

In spring 2013 ORM Designer project was applied to one of these programs. The program is called Innovation park and it is running under the patronage of South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC).

ORM Designer has been accepted as one of the most promising project with a huge potential to grow into a company with significant economic effects for South Moravian Region in a few following years.

Our primal goal was to raise funding from some Czech investor. But the program has brought us much more benefits. From all of these it is worth mentioning especially:

We’d like to thank all participants for their advice and effort and looking forward to our next co-operation.

And what happened with seed funding? Follow our blog and you will find out :-)

19 Aug 2013

Posted by: Iva Kubickova

Behind the scenes #PR #brand