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New promo video and video tutorials

Have you ever wanted to explain to somebody what Skipper is about but couldn’t find the right words?  If you did, despair no more. We have created short promo video that provides anyone with very accurate idea about working and usability of Skipper.

You can have a look at it on youtube

But that’s not all. For quite some time we have felt, that our documentation is really awesome place. However it was clearly aimed at providing only visual information. Now it is also audiovisual. We have put together 10 video tutorials that cover every major functionality in Skipper from creating new project to importing project from MySQL Workbench.

You can find the tutorials here, in the thematically matching entry in the documentation and in our new video section on Skipper websites.

Youtube video

Let us know which type of tutorial you like better (plain text or audiovisual) along with your tips on topic you would like to see “filmed” by our crew.

30 Jun 2014

Posted by: Martin Kulhavy

Skipper #video #documentation

Documentation is ready

As we promised in some previous blog-post, this week we finished the last article and now we are proud to announce you that our new documentation is ready! We were preparing it for so long and now it is time to show it to you.

34 new articles

Visit our new documentation site and enjoy 34 new articles which will lead you from the very basics of the application up to the advanced ORM Designer functions and features. Reveal how to simply and quickly navigate through the model, speed up your work with keyboard shortcuts or use all benefits of sharing modules.

And there is so much more. You will learn how to be more effective with ORM Designer and get the answers to general questions regarding the product.

Nicely structured texts with images

We did our best to make the whole documentation nice and clear. For your better orientation the articles are thematically sortedinto four groups and the search function was added.  Documentation contains many pictures and schemas for your fast and clear understanding. We also used different font styles to differentiate between the most important points, application commands and code fragments to allow you to read through the text quickly and simply.

Give us your feedback

Our whole team did the best, so we hope you will like the documentation as we do. Still we will be grateful for your feedbackand ideas, how to make it even better. Give us your suggestions or just say hello below this blog-post or send an email to [email protected]. We will be looking forward to all your comments and ideas.

22 Nov 2013

Posted by: Martin Kulhavy

Skipper tips #documentation

New documentation

Our new documentation

As you might have noticed, in the last few weeks we were neglecting our blog a bit. The reason for this is that our whole team is currently busy finishing new documentation, and we are excited to tell you that the launch is planned for the next week.

Don’t worry, no bulky pdf with hundreds of pages is heading your way. Simple is smart, and the documentation completely follows this rule. We created it in a shape of simple websites thematically** sorted** by its main topics. For intuitive navigation, the search function has also been added.

The documentation is divided into four main sections:

  • Common Information: FAQ, license conditions, supported platforms, etc.
  • How to Use: general concepts of working with ORM Designer
  • Frameworks Tutorials: specifics of working with selected framework
  • Expert Usage: advanced configuration and customization of application

We are looking forward to introduce documentation publicly, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. To create something comprehensive, concise and visually appealing is not easy.

Keep your fingers crossed so we deliver it on time, with understandable content and clear form. Follow our blog and we will inform you about the precise date of launch.

12 Nov 2013