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ORM Cheatsheet - clear manual for ORM frameworks

Wouldn’t it be cool to have the most commonly used ORM functions and definitions clearly described in one place? Of course, for the developers using ORM Designer, no such thing is necessary, everything is handled by ORM Designer. For everybody else we decided to create ORM Cheatsheet - the simple and clear manual.

ORM Cheatsheet

ORM Cheat Sheet

ORM Cheatsheet is divided into several sections according to the frameworks. For the beginning, we made sections for frameworks that are the closest to us like Doctrine and Doctrine 2, but we plan to cover more frameworks and you can even add another framework (or anything useful) by yourself.

Doctrine and Doctrine 2 sections describe installation, configuration and basic usage** of these frameworks  and usage with Symfony or Zend Framework. You can also find there model elements in XML, YML and annotation** format together with its visual model preview. Pages also summarize popular Gedmo extensions for Doctrine 2, ORM Designer usage with ORM frameworks and of course links to interesting resources on the topic.

ORM Cheatsheet is a community project for PHP developers using ORM frameworks and everyone can participate in extending it. If you would like to join and contribute with anything useful contact us on email [email protected] or fork ORM Cheatsheet on Github.

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08 Apr 2014

Posted by: Ludek Vodicka

Hints for developers #cheat sheet

Symfony2 Cheat Sheet

If you are a Symfony beginner or daily user the summary of most used tasks for this PHP framework will make your work easier. The Symfony2 Cheat Sheet is made by David Perez, who is experienced Symfony user and web developer from Spain.

He put together a sophisticated guide full of descriptions, sample codes and functions for most used principles in Symfony framework. Among other things there is in clear way explained controller, routing, templating, testing, validation, forms and security. But for us the most valued is a section about how to use ORM Designer with Doctrine project.

Symfony2 Cheat Sheet

This section guides Symfony users step-by-step through creating or** importing** of Doctrine project into ORM Designer. There is mentioned how to** manage basic objects** like entities, associations or properties.  You can also read how to export definitions to Doctrine, which comes in one pack with Symfony2 framework.

ORM Designer is described as a modelling tool allowing to start using Doctrine without deeper framework knowledge. In this Doctrine section is also highlighted comfortable way of work with the project and pointed out ability to continuously export the Doctrine definitions from the model.

Since we consider Symfony2 Cheat Sheet as very educational and useful project, we provided David with full ORM Designer lifetime license for free. Symfony2 Cheat Sheet is a nice summary and represents inclusion of ORM Designer in development process that is worth of pinning in a visible place.

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