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The Super Property Editor

Hello Everybody,

property editor2

We have the final upgrade of the Property Editor ready for you. Last time we gave you new button, now it is a whole new window.

We have attached the new Property Editor Drawer to every object Editor and Wizard, so you can now define values of ORM attributes and set ORM Designer configurations directly when you create an element. Following this logic, general properties (like name, type or size) are now editable from the Property Editor.

This means you can edit every thing about each element from the same place, its up to you if you like to use the Object Editor window, or if you set it up from the simple table of the Property Editor. Or you can combine both, to achieve faster, more streamlined workflow. And ORM Designer is all about removing unnecessary steps so you can concentrate on what needs to be done.

So last time it was a button, now a window. To keep up the pace it will have to be new application next time I guess.

18 Feb 2014

Posted by: Martin "Freki" Stradej

Skipper features #features #properties

Properties reworked

Hello Everybody,

Today’s buzzword is properties. ORM properties. ORM properties are the reason why ORM Designer is the best choice for your work with ORM frameworks. Keeping track of all the properties and defining them is pretty tedious if you do it by hand. We know. That’s why we made ORM Designer in the first place.

But now we finally got around to tweak the way you edit them. First we’ve separated the three main groups: General properties, where you have everything you can see in the visual model, ORM properties, which are making your code tick, and the Configurations, where you can specify the export paths, file extensions and all the inner workings of ORM Designer. But it gets better.


The new Quick Filter button in the properties may not seem much at the first glance. But when you find out, how much clicking it saves you when sorting through the Property Editor, you will love it. Big time.

And to tease you a little, all these changes are groundwork for the main change in the Property Editor. We are working on the Big One, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you with goodies, so we are releasing them one by one. PS: Okay, I take it back. Today’s buzzword was ORM Designer again.

And don’t work too hard, you know you don’t have to with ORM Designer.

13 Feb 2014

Posted by: Martin "Freki" Stradej

Skipper features #features #properties