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Support for MongoDB ODM finally here!

Last few months we have been working hard on support for a new framework. It wasn’t an easy task, because MongoDB ODM has some specific features, for which we need to adjust graphic part of the application and also add quite a lot of logic inside. But we succeeded and new version 3.0.2 is now out!

New features for MongoDB ODM

New tools are available in application toolbar. They allows to create objects specific for MongoDB framework. It is Collection and Embedded.


Collection has its own visual element in a model for its simple identification. It is represented by rounded rectangle and it is connected with entities belonging to it with special dotted line.

If you want to add new entity to collection, you can add it in collection editor or you can use CollectionEntity tool from the application menu and click on chosen entity and collection.


Embedded is a special type of association specific for MongoDB ODM framework. It has also its own visual representation, so in a model you can recognize it by double full line as displayed in the image.

Other changes in new version

Besides the MongoDB support contains also a lot of bugfixes and some small enhancements based on request of Skipper users. Here is the short summary of the most important changes:

  • Implementation of Universal objects (feature for expert usage)
  • New ORM properties for Doctrine 2 framework
  • Enhanced skipper configuration options
  • Fixes for occasional crashes of the application

Visit the version changelog and check all changes for V3.0.2.

05 Mar 2015