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Product tour for better work flow understanding

ORM Designer offers a lot of functions and features. However, for some new users it doesn’t have to be exactly clear how ORM Designer can help them and what the core features are. For those we have added new product tour to the application, which is available from version Tour contains 10 graphical slide which should help better understand the work flow from the model import / creation up to the definitions export.


If you want to take a look at the tour slides right now, above is an online version.

  1. Import or create new project 1_project_import_resized
  2. Model overview 2_model_overview_resized
  3. Navigate through the model and edit items 3_project_tree_resized
  4. Module editor 4_module_editor_resized
  5. Entity editor 5_entity_editor_resized
  6. Associations 6_association_editor_resized
  7. Inheritance 7_inheritance_editor_resized
  8. Many to many 8_many_to_many_resized
  9. Properties 9_properties_resized
  10. Definitions export 10_export_resized
04 Jul 2013

Posted by: Iva Kubickova

Skipper features #features