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User stories of ORM Designer users

Some time ago, we announced the new user stories project to better understand the needs of ORM Designer users. You sent us answers for 10 questions, from which we made a summary and put it together in one document.

It was very interesting to discover how ORM Designer can be used in specific workflows and what possible functions users miss in it. Based on their feedback, some features have been already implemented (for example property editor drawer) and others will proceed. We would like to thank the users involved for their time and effort to help, we greatly appreciate their willingness.

We received feedback from following:

Savvior Technology Solutions


Savvior Technology Solutions ( is web development company from Pensylvanya, USA. They were maintaining decent version control of the database and manually editing YML files, which was a huge hassle and cumbersome for them. Now they found ORM Designer and are using it for exporting YML files automatically. Read whole user story…

Manifest Interactive

Manifest Interactive

Manifest Interactive ( from Missouri, USA, builds custom PHP & MySQL Web Applications. They needed to show their customers some concept of whole planned application and there wasn’t a way, how to visualize it for clients. The company was looking for some tool, which will generate previews for customers or another way how to manage it. Peter Schmalfeldt from Manifest Interactive is now using ORM Designer in his company any time they are working with a rather complex set of data. Read more…

ADZ Media

ADZ Media

ADZ Media ( is advertising agency from Manchester, UK. The company faced the problem of huge projects that was difficult to manage. Steven wrote us how ORM Designer solved this problem and how they are working now with visual model and documentation at the same time.  Read whole user story…

If you would like to send us your impressions and opinions on ORM Designer, send me an email, we will be really happy.

15 Apr 2014

Join us to create ORM Designer user stories

In cooperation with ORM Designer users, we are working on user stories these days. Our team is trying to create documents which would clarify different ways how to use ORM Designer and explain satisfaction with it in-depth. The reason why we make user stories is to obtain feedback and present inspiration for others how ORM Designer can be used.

For the user stories, we need to collect opinions from our users. So, we created a set of questions so you can freely describe your experiences and impressions from using ORM Designer. There are no limitations, you can honestly share anything that is on your mind.

Why to join? Besides that you will really help us understand users’ needs, you can have a promotion of your person or company on our website and our Twitter and participate in the development of ORM Designer with your ideas for new features.

If you want to participate, send me answers for the following questions to [email protected]:

  1. Why did you start using ORM Designer?
  2. For which projects do you use ORM Designer?
  3. What is your common project work flow in ORM Designer?
  4. How often does your team work with ORM Designer?
  5. How much work and time does ORM Designer save you?
  6. What other benefits does ORM Designer bring you?
  7. Is there anything else you appreciate about ORM Designer? (support, regular updates etc.)
  8. Why would/wouldn’t you extend your ORM Designer maintenance?
  9. What shall we improve in ORM Designer?
  10. Do you have some more comments or ideas for us?
28 Mar 2014

(VIDEO) ORM Designer workflow

Our user Peter Schmalfeldt from company Manifest Interactive sent us an interesting video, which is showing his workflow on project for client with ORM Designer.

Manifest Interactive

He uses ORM Designer to export YML files and then reads them with his own application MICI which is based on CodeIgniter. He converts the YML into PHP via Doctrine in MICI. The PHP models are then used to create the database and tables.

What Peter finds interesting about ORM Designer is that he can set up file type and location for each module in his project. He also integrated ORM Designer in his framework, so his development team can preview visual model there and work with ORM definitions.

Peter appreciates ORM Designer because it is a huge timesaver for him and he uses it for every single project.

Thank you, Peter, for creating this great video and for your time.

And what about you? What is your work process? Where is ORM Designer involved in it?