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(VIDEO) ORM Designer workflow

Our user Peter Schmalfeldt from company Manifest Interactive sent us an interesting video, which is showing his workflow on project for client with ORM Designer.

Manifest Interactive

He uses ORM Designer to export YML files and then reads them with his own application MICI which is based on CodeIgniter. He converts the YML into PHP via Doctrine in MICI. The PHP models are then used to create the database and tables.

What Peter finds interesting about ORM Designer is that he can set up file type and location for each module in his project. He also integrated ORM Designer in his framework, so his development team can preview visual model there and work with ORM definitions.

Peter appreciates ORM Designer because it is a huge timesaver for him and he uses it for every single project.

Thank you, Peter, for creating this great video and for your time.

And what about you? What is your work process? Where is ORM Designer involved in it?