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How to create support for your own framework in ORM Designer, part V – inheritance support

Part V: how to specify inheritance support

In this part of the serial we are going to show how to configure inheritance types for ORM Designer. Regarding to fact that each framework may support different inheritance types, ORM Designer allows to define inheritance types by the XML configurations.

Again we start with an example from our configuration file AtomixOrm.cfg.xml:

<orm-configuration name="AtomixORM">
	<orm-inheritance-type name="SINGLE_TABLE" caption="Simple inheritance" discriminator-column-type="text" discriminator-column-size="255"/>
	<orm-inheritance-type name="JOINED" caption="Class table inheritance" discriminator-column-type="text" discriminator-column-size="255"/>
	<orm-inheritance-type name="MAPPED_SUPERCLASS" caption="Mapped superclass"/>

If you use the code from this example in ORM Designer you should see following options when marking the inheritance:


  • name Name of inheritance
  • caption Visual caption of inheritance. This value is shown in inheritance-wizard dialogs.
  • discriminator-column-type When discriminator field is automatically created in root inheritance table, this type is assigned to new field.
  • discriminator-column-size Same as discriminator-column-type. Set size of a new created field.

If you have any question about this or following chapter, don’t hesitate and ask us directly here on the blog or you can contact us at [email protected]

26 Aug 2010