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Skipper: Back and Forth

Hello Everybody,

Today I want to introduce a very small feature, that can do really big things. It can actually be a lifesaver sometimes. Undo/Redo. While you still can’t replace proper versioning and backups, it will make your work significantly more comfortable.

ORM Designer was not ready for this function, but many of you requested it, so we reworked the way the changes in the visual model are handled, and we bring Undo/Redo to you together with Skipper. We have upgraded the inner databases of Skipper, split all operations to transactions and then we have reworked the transactions, so the Skipper can keep track of the changes. And then we tested, and tested, and tested. All of this to ensure you can always seamlessly get back to where you started, or refresh the reverted changes, and to easily fix any mistake before it can become serious.

So now you can finally use those familiar blue arrows to enjoy much more comfort when working with Skipper.

03 Jul 2014

Posted by: Martin "Freki" Stradej

Skipper #new feature