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Introducing: Martin & Martin

With the influx of new members to our team, we decided to tell you few words about them.

Martin Kulhavý


Former economics student with focus on financial markets. Now working as marketing specialist he found himself to be quite far from the world of stocks, shares and forex trading. In his new work, he appreciates the fact that he learns something new and interesting every day, possibility to unleash his creative spirit instead of following rigid rules and the company of smart and knowledgeable people.

In his free time, he likes to play electric guitar, read books on various contemporary topics and work on his gung fu, which has roots in southern Shaolin. As long time pen & paper storytelling game enthusiast, with the favourite game “Exalted” he is currently anxiously waiting for the launch of Exalted 3rd edition.

Martin “Freki” Straděj


Veteran of corporate customer care, content in a small company environment. The opportunity to focus more on helping people and less on the giant amount of corporate policies is welcomed change of pace for him. And because with ORM Designer troubles are rare, he can indulge in his obsession for documentation, process mapping, interaction between systems of all kinds and preparing rigid rules for the other Martin to follow.

He loves big, fast or dangerous things like fighter jets, tanks, explosions and elephants. To move his body he reenacts military history or free dives. All of his interests come together in PC games, preferably those where you employ fighter jets and elephants to achieve underwater explosions.

Editor note: no animals were harmed during the writing of this article.

18 Nov 2013

Posted by: Martin Kulhavy

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