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Updated property editor in ORM Designer 1.4.x

In this post I want to show you one of the new features to be released in ORM Designer 1.4.x. ORM Designer works differently with core properties and ORM framework dependent properties. This is due to different features provided by ORM frameworks. For example column core properties are name, type, length, description etc. and ORM properties scale and unsigned in Doctrine ORM.

With the coming release of ORM Designer with Doctrine 2 we have to do refactoring of many windows. Also some of the properties previously located under ORM dependent properties would be moved to the core properties. As a result you should be able to faster and easier define foreign and local alias of relationship/association and other common tasks. As this would be a change in the way you were used to work before we wanted to make sure you’ll find what you are looking for. We’ve merged core properties and ORM dependent properties into a single window so you could see all applicable properties at the same place.

Here are some screenshots:

First screenshot shows editing module in Doctrine ORM project, second screenshot is active property editor editing objects column.

08 Jun 2010

Posted by: Ludek Vodicka

Skipper features #features #orm designer