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New Doctrine 2 object properties editor

When we started implementing Doctrine 2 support we had to deal with many new ORM framework features. Doctrine 2 has many new associations and the association definition is more descriptive than before. To solve this problem we hacked the powerful ORM property editor. Bellow you can see some of the new features. You get direct configuration of object properties with predefined values and validators. And as you are used to from Doctrine 1, Propel and CakePHP you get inline help on the places that might be confusing.

ORM property editor object and field:

Doctrine 2 object property editor

Doctrine 2 field property editor

Property editor example of one-to-many association and many-to-many association:

Doctrine 2 association properties

Next step before releasing public version is ORM and ERD terminology unification. It’s a bit confusing in current versions when you are editing ORM application model and all model components are named as you are used in ERD (e.g. on the first screenshot is “object” still called “table”. Relation is called “foreign-key”,…).

21 Jun 2010

Posted by: Ludek Vodicka

Skipper features #orm designer