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About Skipper

Skipper is a visual editor for ORM frameworks. Skipper helps developers to design application model in a comfortable way and export the model into native ORM Framework definitions. Skipper can be used in all parts of development life cycle. You can start using Skipper right now on an existing project thanks to the import/export feature. Currently supported are Doctrine, Doctrine2Propel and CakePHP ORM frameworks and Symfony and Zend MVC frameworks.

Skipper top features

  • Skipper fully supports ORM framework: directory structure, file formats, data types, behaviors, attributes and extra features (many to many associations etc.).
  • With Skipper you design, document and develop at the same time. You never end up with outdated model documentation.
  • Skipper imports from and exports to ORM frameworks native definition format and model can be imported from popular ERD tools (MySQL Workbench and DB Designer).
  • Skipper has intuitive and fast user interface and runs under Windows and Wine (under Linux and Mac OS X).
  • Skipper allows you to split the model into plug-ins or modules, which can be shared among more projects.
  • All definitions are stored in a human readable XML which enables to check all changes before committing.
  • Skipper supports advanced modeling techniques - many to many associations, behaviors, visual regions and inheritance (coming soon).